Materials For Making Doors

Doors serve a number of purposes in a house or building. First, they provide access into the building and into different rooms. Second, they protect the privacy of people using different rooms since they can restrict entry into any given room. Third, they can be used to complement the theme in any specific building. This is done through artistic doors. Fourth, doors can be used for cultural, spiritual significance especially in some buildings such as religious centres. But what are these doors made of and what tools would you need to create the door at home or in a door hardware?

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Materials used to make doors

There are a wide variety of materials that can be used to make doors. Among these, the most common is wood, metal and glass. Wooden doors are not only beautiful but they are also very durable. In most places, the external doors are either made from wood or metal. Wooden doors can be painted different colours in accordance with the theme or the personalities of individuals in the house. Concrete may be used to make doors in some areas although this is not common practice.

Metallic doors are durable and very secure and therefore, they may be preferred in areas where the security is not good. Stainless steel doors are preferred due to their ability to resist rust and their durability. Other materials used to make doors include, vinyl or UPVC, fibreglass, stained glass, precious metals such as gold, diamonds, silver, platinum and many more. Precious metals are only used to make doors for the wealthy or affluent members of the society or for the royal families. It is also possible for doors to be made using a combination of any of the aforementioned materials.

Tools used to make doors

The nature of the tools required to make a door depends on the materials that may be used to make the doors. The style you want to make also plays a huger role in determining the tools you will need for the job. However, a basic door hardware shop has the following tools; saws, drills, hammer, sander, clamps, jointers, lock installation kits, framing squares, glass cutters, screw drivers and mallets.

Making doors requires time and effort. Once you have settled on the concept, you need to acquire the tools and materials needed to successfully make the door. Doing it alone is possible but it may take more time. However, with the help of a friend or family member, the task can be completed sooner.